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AWS 3-in-1 Hands On Lab Exercise - Advanced EC2 #06

18 January 2021

Outline of exercise

  • Create a new EC2 instance using the Amazon Linux 2 AMI
  • Use the t2.medium instance type
  • Provide a tag of Namewith a value of ec2_adv_hol
  • Use a key pair of kp_test
  • Log in to your EC2 instance using SSH
  • Examine the CPU properties with cat /proc/cpuinfo
  • Examine the interface settings with ifconfig
  • Resize the EC2 instance to the t2.micro
  • Add a new network interface to the instance that uses an Elastic IP address
  • Log in to your EC2 instance and verify the CPU and interface settings
  • Delete all resources associated with this EC2 instance